It's a big world out there. Let's meet your customers where they're at.

I’ll help get you set up with social media accounts, create content, and train you on how to manage social media.

Social media for the unsociable.

Not everyone is a people person. But you probably recognize the importance of an online presence. Your social media channels can do that for you.
Some businesses just want Facebook. Others want Instagram and Twitter. I can help get you on the platforms best suited for your business and start generating some traffic for you. 
Social media can seem daunting. I’m here to help make it seem less intimidating. I’ll show you how to create accounts, (I’ll even create some posts for you), and we’ll work on getting you trained on how to manage accounts, to post, and more.

“Oh gosh, I had no idea where to start with social media. Abby has been a huge help creating posts for us, training us on messaging, getting us out there.”